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I'm trying to Bind a generic IRepository<> interface to my generic Repository<> - however it always return null?

I have tried various things like:


However if I pass in a non-generic interface and class then it works like a dream?

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This is the correct syntax for binding an open generic.

If you are receiving null back when requesting IRepository< of whatever >, then there may be some other problem in an area of code you haven't shared.

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Perfect! - Yes you were right. My Repository consturctor depended on a Interface - I now also have binded the Interface used by my Repository and it works! - Thanks. –  ebb Dec 6 '10 at 20:37
@qes What would be the syntax if IRepository takes more than one type argument (i.e. IRepository<T,U>). Please see stackoverflow.com/q/6740992/88709 Thanks. –  Daniel Liuzzi Jul 19 '11 at 0:26

See my answer on MVC3 Controller constructor + Ninject.

Generic Binding works correctly in Ninject. Try using a parameterless constructor in Repository. I think the problem is there.

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