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I need to pass an array to a function in C# where the array may be a string[], int[], or double[] and may be 1 to multiple dimensions.


I am needing to pass an array to a function to calculate its length, similar to:

public int getLength(array[] someArray, int dimension)
   if(dimension > 0) //get length of dimension 
     return someArray.getLength(dimension);
   else //get length of entire array
     return someArray.Length;


How can I pass a generic array?


Is there a better way to do this - say convert the array to a List?

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For the purpose you cite, just pass Array someArray - that should be fine, and covers any number of dimensions. For a vector (a 1-dimensional, 0-based array), you can use generics (GetLength<T>(T[] someArray)) - but that seems pointless when for a vector .Length is more convenient.

But for an unknown number of dimensions (or for a non-vector single-dimensional array), you are limited to Array.

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This is what I was needing. I did not know that Array actually existed. Thanks. –  Todd Moses Dec 6 '10 at 20:54
@Todd - it is the base-class for vectors, i.e. int[] : Array –  Marc Gravell Dec 6 '10 at 20:55

If you want List-like properties, you can also use ArrayList, which holds an arbitrary number of objects

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