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I have 2 tables called Member and MemberResume.

MemberResume references Member on the key memberid.

In the MemberResume model the relation is set like this:

'member' => array(self::BELONGS_TO, 'Member', 'memberid')

I am trying to create a model in this manner.


But in the model I am not able to access the attributes of member table like membername etc., though the relational query generated seems to consider the relationship.

Any idea why?

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Try this instead:

  array('memberid'=>$id), // $attributes
  array('with'=>'member') // $condition (string, array or Criteria object, I think)

findAllByAttributes accepts a second "condition" parameter you can add your "with" clause to. Doing it this way should join the Member table so you can access it's attributes.

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I tried this. $model->member->membername and it worked. Thanks for your help. – ramg Dec 7 '10 at 21:49

try to $model =Memberresume::model()->findByPk(1); var_dump($model->member);

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