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While double-clicking the text of a QTreeView expands the children, a single-click does not. The icon defined in the CSS (and placed to left of text) expands the children on a single-click, though. How do I make it so a single-click (or touch event) of the text will expand the children?

    bookTreeView->setStyleSheet("QTreeView { font-size: 27px; show-decoration-selected: 0; } QTreeView::branch:has-siblings:!adjoins-item { border-image: none; } QTreeView::branch:has-siblings:adjoins-item { border-image: none; } QTreeView::branch:!has-children:!has-siblings:adjoins-item { border-image: none;} QTreeView::branch:has-children:!has-siblings:closed, QTreeView::branch:closed:has-children:has-siblings { border-image: none; image: url(':images/images/right_arrow.png'); } QTreeView::branch:open:has-children:!has-siblings, QTreeView::branch:open:has-children:has-siblings  { border-image: none; image: url(':images/images/down_arrow.png'); } ");
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Just a note, this is usually undesired behavior. Being able to select a view without having it being expanded is generally preferred –  Falmarri Dec 6 '10 at 21:23
i'm not sure why i see it being undesirable for a mobile application - i don't want all the children expanded on a single-click, just the ones relating to the parent i clicked. double clicking seems extraneous for a mobile app! –  Frank LoVecchio Dec 6 '10 at 21:32

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Something along the lines of

    tree, SIGNAL(clicked(const QModelIndex &)), 
    tree, SLOT(expand(const QModelIndex &))

The clickedsignal might not do what you want. You can also have a look at the currentChanged signal, which might be what you want. I've never used Qt in a mobile context :)

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this is pretty close! when i single-click a parent, it expands. when i single-click another parent though, it runs through my custom slot that handles the children clicks and doesn't display the children. i'll have a go at it. thanks! –  Frank LoVecchio Dec 6 '10 at 22:24

Did you tried to turn off double click expansion?

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yea, just turns off double-click expansion. –  Frank LoVecchio Dec 6 '10 at 21:31

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