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I have created an inner join criteria to show a list of elements in the backend.

This are my models:

    name:  { type: varchar(255) }
    age:   { type: integer }

    title:        { type: varchar(255) }
    content:      { type: varchar(255) }
    user_id:      { type: varchar(255) }

and this is my generator.yml (a part) of the article module:

    peer_method:  getArticles
    display: [title, content, age]

And this is the method getArticles():

public static function getArticles()
    $con = Propel::getConnection();
    $sql = "select * from article LEFT JOIN user ON article.user_id = user.id";
    $stmt = $con->prepare($sql);    

    $result = $stmt->execute();
    $articles = self::populateObjects($stmt);

    return $articles;


As you can see I want to show the column corresponding to the "age" field, so when I try to show the list of articles an error that says something like "The method Articles::getAge() is not defined".

So I think I should create the method Articles::getAge(), but.. what should i write inside? A new criteria that retrieves the user object corresponding to the value of the field user_id of the article? Or maybe am i wrong with any other stuff?

sf 1.4/propel



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class Articles
  public function getAge()
    return $this->getUser()->getAge();

or similar code to retrieve the value based on your related model - I use Doctrine normally, but from my hazy Propel memory I think the above should work :-)

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