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I would like the following regExes to allow a user to enter their email addresses reguardless of case as long as they match for example:

Does someone have a regEx for this?

emailField = new forms.InputField("tEmail", /\b[A-Z0-9a-z._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9a-z.-]+\.[A-Za-z]{2,4}\b/);
emailReField = new forms.InputField("tEmailRetype", /\b[A-Z0-9a-z._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9a-z.-]+\.[A-Za-z]{2,4}\b/);
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Do you want to modify your regexes, or do you want to know how to compare two strings case insensitively? – Benji XVI Dec 6 '10 at 23:22
Those regexes already are (effectively) case-insensitive -- everyplace you specify A-Z inside a character class, you're also specifying a-z. You could make them shorter by making them case-insensitive, but they already seem to do what you're asking. – Joe White Dec 6 '10 at 23:33
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Append the i flag:

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Convert the strings to lower (or upper) case before comparing:

if (y.toLowerCase() === x.toLowerCase()) {
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ⅩⅥ: That technique is especially useful when you have to reduce both sides to one of the Unicode Normalization forms, like NFKD(x) == NFKD(y). – tchrist Dec 7 '10 at 3:04

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