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When I run my Kynetx app I am getting the following error:

Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /web/lib/perl/Kynetx/ line 284, <GEN0> line 465. 

My code looks like the following:

rule page_loaded is active {
  select when pageview "manticore.*" setting()
  pre {
    savedName = current ent:userName;
  if (savedName neq "") then {
    notify("Hello #{savedName}!!","Welcome back!") with sticky = true;
  notfired {
    raise explicit event name_not_saved_yet;

I had this code working before, not sure what is killing it now.

UPDATE: From the debug information.

// 2010/12/07 16:45:31 DEBUG a57x4 clear_saved_name Schedule iterator returning email_client with current RID count 0 and current rule count 3
// 2010/12/07 16:45:31 DEBUG a57x4 email_client Rule email_client is active
// 2010/12/07 16:45:31 DEBUG a57x4 email_client [selected] email_client
// 2010/12/07 16:45:31 DEBUG a57x4 email_client
//------------------- begin rule execution: email_client ------------------------
// 2010/12/07 16:45:31 ERROR a57x4 email_client Ruleset a57x4 failed: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /web/lib/perl/Kynetx/ line 284, <GEN0> line 6. 
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We changed the way that we store trails. I will put a bug fix in asap.

If I show you some secret functionality, you need to promise not to tell

for your entity variable try the syntax (if you have a variable myUserName):

 set ent:userName myUserName

Then, for your example, you could write:

pre {
  savedName = ent:userName || "";
if (savedName neq "") then ....

I will update this answer when we release a fix

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current was dying on an empty trail. Fix (fb1314) is going to QA for testing and should release this evening – MEH Dec 8 '10 at 0:27

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