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I'm working on a simple custom "cms" - this is for a school that needs an easy to manage website for students to edit etc. Therefore I'm not using wordpress and other pre-built cms systems.

I'm about a few weeks into the project and I've got the system set up - however it's getting messy and bulky. Can someone help me understand how to set up a modular design to my system.

So far I have:

Upload system (Uploads into directories based on file type) Page loader (Loads set pages into the framework) User Mang. (Authorises access to systems and pages)

All I really need is an idea how to set this all up and maybe a demo - if someone can supply me with this info that would be great. Otherwise I'll just keep looking.

Cheers, Keiran

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Try reading some tutorials out there. They will give a better idea for a simple CMS.




I hope this helps.

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Thanks, I'll look into it more. –  Keiran Lovett Dec 7 '10 at 1:18

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