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As you know, uploading images using the file input is old-fashioned and causes problems. (eg. the browser doesn't persist the file location if there are errors.)

Is there a JQuery/AJAX way to handle all of these problems? For example, the image could upload via AJAX when the user clicks "Choose file" and then go through the resizing/process already. The AJAX request would upload it to S3. Then, spit out the S3 link of the image into a hidden field.

Is there a good JQuery plugin that can do this? I don't need the uploading to S3 part. I already handle that myself. I just want the front-end code. I'm using Django.

Edit: Ajax is necessary.

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Check out this guide to using Valum's jQuery uploader with Django: http://www.johnberns.com/2010/07/08/using-valums-jquery-ajax-upload-with-django-1-2/

It's a great ajaxy file uploader and the post describes how to integrate it with Django.

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I used Fancy Upload. It's beautiful. You can take a look at the tutorial available there.

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Sorry, after carefully reading, I'm not sure it fits your problems. I used php, and still have some works to do after image uploading. Fancy Upload only support file upload. –  Hoàng Long Dec 7 '10 at 2:01

Looks like this one does what you are after http://www.webmotionuk.co.uk/php-jquery-image-upload-and-crop/

I hope it helps

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