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I am trying to do this:

class A {
 public $var1 = date('U');

But, obviously, above is failing due to Syntax Error.

Can someone let me know of an alternate way of doing this.

I have around 100s of such dateTime variable and hence, using a constructor is not really what can be beneficial, however, I am still waiting for anyway possible to do this.

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Make it static if you truly want it to be a class variable:

class A {
   public static $var1 = date('U');

Or, if you want it to be an instance variable:

class A {
   public $var1;
   function __construct() {
      $this->var1 = date('U');
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Jacob's answer is not entirely correct.

Put simply, you cannot make function calls from within a class and outside of a function.


class A {
   public static $var1 = date('c');

Will not work as you are still making a call to date()

But if you must, then

class A {
   public static $var1;
        public function __construct()
        static::$var1 = date("c");

Use self or static to instantiate your variable within the class constructor. Both do different things.

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