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Ok so ive been finishing off my batch program called "stringparsing.bat" and the last error im having trouble with is one that says "missing operator" when i use the following snippet:

set /p linecount= 
set foo=0
set linenumber=0

set /a linenumber=%linenumber% +1
set /p line1= %linenumber% 
echo %line1% >> %name%.txt
set /a foo=%foo%+1
set /a line number=%linenumber%+1
IF %foo%==%linecount% goto MAIN123
goto lineset

More specificly, ive narrowed it down to :

set /a linenumber=%linenumber% +1
    set /p line1= %linenumber%

Im pretty sure im mis-using the set /p command... what i am trying to do, is make a prompt that asks the user to input how many lines of text that they are going to insert into a text file. Then make a loop that asks the user to type some text which is then sent to the text file. But i wanted to to put the line number before the prompt so that it would look like this:

alt text

So when the batch file asks for the first line, it says 1: , and when it asks for the second line, its says 2: , and so on. after each line prompt, i get the "missing operator" error message... Btw i need to use this scirpt to get it to work:

set /p line1= %linenumber%+1

But in order to use this command with the +1 at the end, do i have to add the /a parameter as well as the /p parameter?

Any ideas?

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A simple echo on could help here :-)

In your line set /a line number=%linenumber%+1 is a space linenumber, that is a problem.

Another thing, it is not neccessary to use

set /a linenumber=%linenumber% +1

It is better to use

set /a linenumber=linenumber+1
set /a linenumber+=1
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that worked! thanks –  daniel11 Dec 11 '10 at 14:03

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