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I've created a Ruby on Rails app where users can record and share their workouts. I am wondering how to allow a user to 'clone' a workout so to speak, saving the time it would take to copy and paste, or enter the workout themselves.

My idea is that when a current_user sees a workout that they also did (i.e. 100 pushups, 100 situps...etc.) they can click a link that says I did this workout too. That link would take them to /views/workouts/new but carry with it the workout title and description from where the link was clicked, pre populating the receiving fields.

The workout table has :title and :description. An ideas on how to do this?


Adding a little more detail here. So If I am showing workout A, which has a title of Workout A title and a description of this is a great workout. I want the user to click a link that sends to new_workout_path and sends with it the title and description to pre populate the f.textfield :title and f.textarea :description. Such that the new workout form has Workout A Title and this is a great workout in the description textarea.

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There's a nice way to do this using the clone method for ActiveRecord objects.

Something like this in your controller:

def new
  if params[:cloned_workout]
    workout_to_clone = Workout.find params[:cloned_workout]
    @workout = workout_to_clone.clone
    @workout = Workout.new
  # Any other new related setup can be put here

Now you can have a link like this in the view:

<%= link_to "I did this too", new_workout_url + "?cloned_workout=#{@workout.id}" %>

(Note: that link_to line could be written better)

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That so did it. Perfect!!! –  bgadoci Dec 7 '10 at 4:42
quick follow up...any way I can have condition in the view that keys on whether the workout is being cloned or not? <% unless workout.clone...%> type thing. –  bgadoci Dec 7 '10 at 5:23
Ah, just figured it out. <% unless params[:cloned_workout].blank? %> –  bgadoci Dec 7 '10 at 5:26
In this use case clone is not the ideal method to use. Please use dup instead. http://apidock.com/rails/ActiveRecord/Core/clone –  Steve Robinson Feb 12 at 8:47

You can copy all the attributes of an ActiveRecord model from one to another, like so:

workout = Workout.find(params[:id])
new_workout = Workout.new workout.attributes

In this example, we pull the existing workout out of the database (using the params hash like a controller action would), then use its attributes to initialize the new workout.

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I like this one as I don't have to worry about the id being dupped or cloned into the new record. –  John Kloian Feb 27 at 14:53

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