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I want to use jQuery ($.post) to submit my html form, but I want to use the client side validation feature of MVC 2. Currently I hook up the post function to the "OnSubmit" event of the form tag, but I can't hook into the validation, ideally I want to be able to do

if (formIsValid) {
     $.post('<%=Url.Action("{some action}")%>'...

Please note, Client side validation is working with jQuery.validation, I just can't get it to test if the validation was successful or not before I post my data.


The final solution

    using (Html.BeginForm("Register", "Account", FormMethod.Post, new { id = "registrationForm" })) {
<button type="submit" onclick="return submitRegistration();">Register</button>

<script type="text/javascript">
  function submitRegistration() {
    if ($("#registrationForm").valid()) {
      $.post('<%=Url.Action("{some action}")'...
    // this is required to prevent the form from submitting
    return false;
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You can initiate jQuery validation on the button click event. Place the following inside your button-click event-handler:

if ($('form').valid())
   //take appropriate action for a valid form. e.g:
   $('form').post('<%=Url.Action("{some action}")%>')
   //take appropriate action for an invalid form

See the Validation plugin documentation for more information.

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