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so i recently added my first translation other than english and now all my forms dont work. upon further inspection, i found that it was trying to route to translated paths. ie users_path was now foobar_path (foobar being the model translation)

i can update all my forms with :url => users_path but it seems like routing should not refer to the language files.

do i have my i18n setup configured incorrectly? or is this a bug?


so i realized that activerecord does NOT translate the routes, this is a problem with activemodel!

the fact that activerecord works as i would expect tells me that this is a bug with activemodel. has anyone had this issue before, and have suggestions for a solution?

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got it! i had some funcky model_name method defined for my activemodels. replaced it with extend ActiveModel::Naming, now it behaves just like activerecord.

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