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I want to use the onPreviewFrame to post-process the image before displaying it to the user (i.e. apply a color tint, sepia, etc). As I understand, the byte[] data returned to the callback is encoded in YUV420sp. Have people been decoding this to RGB in Java or using NDK (native code)? Does anyone have an example of a function that decodes this to RGB and how the RGB values are used afterwards?


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I found a sample application that translates the YUV420 into RGB and displays (sort of) real time histograms over the preview image.


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Nice link, thanks. I'm running it in a Android virtual target, however the YUV420->RGB decoding is REALLY slow, despite it being just simple additions/multiplications/clamping. Is this something that would be expected in my debugging environment ?? (I'm a complete noob! :) –  Robert Jul 25 '11 at 10:51
Yes, the implementation in that code is not optimized at all. If I were doing that sort of thing in a real app I would implement the bit-twiddling in native code. –  anelson Aug 6 '11 at 4:12

This helps?

Parameters params = mCamera.getParameters();



First check if rgb is supported


and then set preview format to rgb


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