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I have a data set in key/value form:

setlist = {{'135350258120342034': {'title':'The Matrix'}
          {'235350258120342034': {'title':'The Godfather'}
          {'335350258120342034': {'title':'Atonement'}

How can I sort setlist by the value of 'key' which is a dict within a dict?

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>>> sorted(setlist.items(),key=lambda x:x[1]['title'])
[('335350258120342034', {'title': 'Atonement'}), ('235350258120342034', {'title': 'The Godfather'}), ('135350258120342034', {'title': 'The Matrix'})]
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Note that you can't really sort the setlist, because it's a dict. But you can produce a sorted list of key/value pairs, which is what this code does. – Karl Knechtel Dec 7 '10 at 5:53

You can't, dicts can't be sorted.

What you can do is move your key for the outer dict into the inner dicts, then stick them in a list and use a custom function with .sort()

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+1 for pointing out the nature of dicts, but there are simpler ways to get the desired effect, as shown. – Karl Knechtel Dec 7 '10 at 5:54

If you want to iterate over the list in a sorted order you want something like:

for key, value in sorted(setlist.items(), key = lambda x: x[-1]['title']):
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