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I have been facing a problem since 40days . i didn't get a solution . Here am describing my problem

In a single list i need different types of lists . for example three list with types List A , ListB , List C. i mean in a same list view i have three different types of views. List A contain textView and Button . List B and List C are diffenrt types . My problem ,

  1. How to display a list with below criteria .
  2. when ever i click on button(RowA) i need to update list of List B.

In a ListView (ListView 1)

  1. List item A
  2. List item A
  3. List item A

(ListView 2) 4. Header 5. List item B 6. List item B 7. List item B 8. Header 9. List item C 10. List item C 11. List item C

Can any one sort out this problem ? Gimme a solution .

Thanking you, Srinivas

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really, i didn't get your question.. some snippet will clear what you doin'..can you please post it – FosterZ Dec 7 '10 at 4:55
Ok i will edit my question. – Srinivas Dec 7 '10 at 5:04
I need different listviews in a single listView . – Srinivas Dec 7 '10 at 5:12
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I think below link should help you.

Its just uses header for separating the list. You can anyways remove those headers.

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Thank you .. thank u . i solved to some extent . See cani upodate individual list dynamically – Srinivas Dec 10 '10 at 5:29
How can i update individual lists ? – Srinivas Dec 10 '10 at 5:43
You can anytime update individual list. As each list is an separate adapter. And each adapter can be customized – Umakant Patil Dec 12 '10 at 19:04

Ok What i prefer you here is to use a custom adapter by extends BaseAdapter .

Add all the component in your list view xml.

Then overriding getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent)
First arg, position we will get which row, so you can make the the needed component visible and other gone by setting its visibility

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