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I can't seem to make Xcode find the Core Plot header. I've done the following:

  1. Clone the hg repo;
  2. Drag the CorePlot-CocoaTouch.xcodeproj file into my project;
  3. Opened the CP project and compiled it successfully;
  4. Dragged the lib file into the target's static link list;
  5. Added CorePlot-CocoaTouch as a direct dependency for the target.

But I'm still getting the "CorePlot-CocoaTouch.h: No such file or directory" error on compile. I've been googling around trying to find an answer, but only seem to find a few people having the same problem but no clear solution. What have I missed?

Please help me getting out of it.....


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Make sure your header search paths contain a reference to the core-plot source directory.

In your targets Build Settings set Header Search Paths to the core-plot/framework directory. For example when your core-plot directory is placed next to your project directoy the search path would contain a value of ../core-plot/framework/** (I'm using a recursive reference here, thus the ** at the end).

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having same problem –  Linux world Mar 18 '11 at 20:47
Do you have to add this for Ad Hoc, Debug, and Release separately? Where do you type that? –  shim Oct 18 '12 at 19:49

Do not miss :-

1-Do not forget to add the library to Target dependance under the "Targets" source list that appears. Click on the "Build Phases" tab and expand the "Target Dependencies" group. Click on the plus button, select the CorePlot-CocoaTouch library, and click Add. This should ensure that the Core Plot library will be built with your application.
enter image description here

2- Core Plot is built as a static library for iPhone, so you'll need to drag the libCorePlot-CocoaTouch.a static library from under the CorePlot-CocoaTouch.xcodeproj group to the "Link Binaries With Libraries" group within the application target's "Build Phases" group you were just in. enter image description here

3 Under your Build settings, set the Header Search Paths to the relative path from your application to the framework/ subdirectory within the Core Plot source tree. Make sure to make this header search path recursive. You need to add -ObjC to Other Linker Flags as well (as of Xcode 4.2, -all_load does not seem to be needed, but it may be required for older Xcode versions). -Header Search Paths : you must put the relative path for libCorePlot-CocoaTouch.a and it is too much important to check the recursive check-box.

Finally the following link may can help you... http://code.google.com/p/core-plot/wiki/UsingCorePlotInApplications

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maybe this blog might help more than the google source page of CorePlot.

For newbies it might be helpful to use the mac shell to get the relative path of the libCorePlot-CocoaTouch.a. Just open the Terminal and insert following line:

mdfind -name libCorePlot-CocoaTouch.a

you will get listed all paths that contain the file named "libCorePlot-CocoaTouch.a"

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