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I want to know how to create a VOIP Software - I know the question is very vague - and I really don't want any tutorials here. But I am particularly interested in knowing how to connect to ATT/Verizon from my software - Should I have some agreement with them? Or is making calls really free with VOIP? (I am thinking in terms of Google voice/Skype/Magicjack ) - How are they able to make calls to phones on the other network. Also, How can a software get a 'number' so that other phones can reach it.

I know it's not a programming question - but more about getting started with VOIP - the above questions have been lingering for a long time - so any comment/advice would be a great help!


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VoIP is a fairly broad topic... these may help you: About VoIP in general | Tutorials for VoIP developments –  user2903249 May 7 '14 at 6:05

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how to connect to ATT/Verizon from my software

You must be an authorized user to make VOIP calls.
Assuming you have a SIP client, you must register with the SIP provider.
This practically means that you must have a number allocated (E164 is used in VOIP) and you must register your IP for this dn.
Once you make a call, the INVITE will go to the SIP provider which will redirect the call to the called party which must also be an authorized user.
So VOIP calls in general are not free of charge (unless are offered as such) but are much cheaper than phone calls.
Hope this helps

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VoIP is not a exact term. It just says that some voice data is transferred over the internet. You have figure out which protocol and encoding whatever vendor you were thinking about is using. The most common protocol (and open) is SIP.

SIP providers are all over the world and shouldnt be too hard to find if that is what you want to use. For connecting to it, I can suggest asterisk.

But it also depends very much on where you want to call from... For instance your cell phone probably doesnt support asterisk.

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I would also recommend Asterisk. It works with SIP and its own IAX protocol. On voip-info.org/wiki/view/IAX you will find info about IAX softphones, SDK etc. Of course you can use SIP or other protocol, simply search on Asterisk wiki. –  Michał Niklas Dec 7 '10 at 7:31

This might interest you Ribbit

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