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I have a project with produces an OSGI bundle using the maven-bundle-plugin. The configuration looks like this:



The outcome of the project is a single jar file with all the osgi stuff, embedded dependencies etc. included. I rather would like to have 2 jars as outcome, one with the osgi stuff included and one without, as the embedded dependencies cause problems when using it just as a plain jar.

Is there any other way than using the maven assembly plugin for this?

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You can move maven-bundle-plugin configuration into separate profile and use something like

mvn package -Posgi or default. But there will only one artifact produced per build.

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I would recommend to use 2 different pom.xml files (in the project) which will produces 2 different artifacts.

The default pom.xml should generate the plain library like foo:bar:1.0.0

Another pom-osgi.xml should generate the OSGi library like foor:bar-osgi:1.0.0

To build the library with another pom use

mvn -f pom-osgi.xml install
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