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In setup.py the call to the setup function may look like this:

      packages = ['pack1', 'pack2'],
      license = "We're all mad here"

And I use the very nice feature to generate an msi installer:

python setup.py bdist_msi

Is there any way to get the license text "We're all mad here" to be displayed in the msi installer wizard?


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The author of bdist_msi is on SO, I believe the maintainer of distutils2 is too. There are bound to be folks around here who know their msi-fu enough to guide a Python developer. If you really want this to happen, follow the links, improve the question (add some results of what you tried) and you have a chance. –  TryPyPy Jan 21 '11 at 5:49

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Optimistic, detailed answer: you extend distutils, creating a new command based on bdist_msi. You'll probably have to create a new PyDialog in (your equivalent to) bdist_msi.add_ui. I think you'll have to add your dialog to UI Sequences. The simplest dialog seems to be Prepare Dialog. Knowing your way around msilib, its Dialog class and the references under "See also" there would certainly help.

Realistic answer: you don't, not without investing considerable energy in it. You use another installer mechanism, you edit the MSI, you figure out some trick involving .rtf files. But extending distutils is hard, extending bdist_msi is harder.

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There's a quite comprehensive sample in Python's source code repo which you might use as a start. Also, cx_Freeze customizes bdist_msi, so you might also take a look at what they're doing. –  Bernhard Reiter Jan 5 '14 at 16:31

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