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I am using selenium for my web automated testing. finally i have make simple program to open a browser using selenium. But i am not getting a good document for this. Like watin has. Can anu buddy suggest me a good document where i can see what and how method of selenium do?

Please help me out from this issue. Thanks in advance.

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You haven't specified if you need help with the Selenium IDE or RC?

Links I have used in the past:

The official Selenium documentation

Selenium Tutorial for Beginner/Tips for Experts

Selenium IDE Tutorial – Part 1 (and Part 2)

Build A Test of a Rich Internet Application In 30 Minutes Or Less (but you need PushToTest)

Selenium RC : Importing a script from Selenium IDE

If you are keen to expand the functionality, you need to research XPath

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I have created a number of tutorials on how to use Selenium on my site

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