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I have a Html structure like

      <a onclick="try {
        } catch (e) { alert('RJS error:\n\n' + e.toString()); alert('toggle_detail(\&quot;additional\&quot;);'); throw e }; return false;" href="#">Show            </a>

 <div id="additional">

I am writing a prototype to show the additional div on clicking show and hide on hide.


          // el.previous(0).innerHTML="Show";

        else {el.show();
          //    el.previous(0).innerHTML="Hide";

where element_id = "additional"

How to update the innerhtml of the link to show/hide ? I dont know how to update the clicked in link's innerHtml .. Pls give suggestions

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Add this to your click handler.

this.innerHTML = (this.innerHTML == 'Show')?'Hide':'Show';

or add the caller as a parameter to your toggle_detail function

toggle_detail(this, &quot;additional&quot;);

and change the function to accept that extra parameter

function toggle_detail(clickButton, className){
    // do what you want with clickButton //

Also it makes not sense to alter the text inside the each. You should do it only once before or after the each call.

Bonus: Instead of if(el.visible()) el.hide(); else el.show() you can simply use el.toggle().

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actually i am generating the link by –  Jasmine Dec 7 '10 at 11:04
<%= link_to_function "Show additional details", :class => 'underline' do |page| page.call 'toggle_detail','additional' end -%> –  Jasmine Dec 7 '10 at 11:05
how to send one more element as u said "this" along with the link –  Jasmine Dec 7 '10 at 11:05
@Aruna, give more parameters to the function. You have an example in the my answer. –  Alin Purcaru Dec 7 '10 at 11:39
hi i send this parameter using page.literal and got the answer.. Thank you .. –  Jasmine Dec 8 '10 at 5:25

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