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Lift framework provides an Easy way to define a Sitemap.

I don't quite understand the example it provides. what does ? and / mean in the following snippet?

def siteMap() = SiteMap(Menu(S ? "Home") / "index")
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You might want to edit your question to indicate that this is a lift question - scala doesn't have operators per se, and the ? is just a method call, so what it means is entirely dependent on context - in this case, that of Lift's SiteMap. – Submonoid Dec 7 '10 at 9:45
Yeah, I've edited. – Sawyer Dec 7 '10 at 9:49
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Both ? and / here are methods.

   * Get a localized string or return the original string.
   * @param str the string to localize
   * @return the localized version of the string
   * @see # resourceBundles
  def ?(str: String): String = ?!(str, resourceBundles)

Menu constructor returns a PreMenu type, the / method defined in PreMenu

 * The method to add a path element to the URL representing this menu item
def /(pathElement: String): Menuable with WithSlash = 
  new Menuable(name, linkText, pathElement :: Nil, false, Nil, Nil) with WithSlash
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I know nothing about Lift, but by looking at the ScalaDoc for S it's clear that S ? str returns a localization property (check this for more on localization) or in case of not finding the property the string it self.

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