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What are the valid instanceState's for the Amazon EC2 API? It doesn't seem to be defined in the current API doc. Google doesn't turn up much. So far I know about:

  • 0: pending
  • 16: running
  • 32: shutting-down
  • 48: terminated

but I'm pretty sure I've seen an error state before.


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As of posting, the current states are:

|  Code  |     State     |
|   0    |    pending    | 
|  16    |    running    |
|  32    | shutting-down | 
|  48    |  terminated   |
|  64    |   stopping    | 
|  80    |   stopped     |

And the documentation can be found within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud API reference under InstanceStateType

The docs also mention a state code 272 which "typically indicates a problem with the host running the instance". They suggest trying a reboot in the first instance, and posting on the EC2 forums if that doesn't solve the issue.

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This is so very relevant right now: – Sergio Dec 4 '14 at 22:11

The docs seem to have been moved, and I still can't find them. Here are two more state codes

  1. 64: stopping
  2. 80: stopped
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