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In the following code @ line 4 & 5 i am getting the error The constructor DataSourceFactory.DATABASE_TYPE() is undefined

public class DataSourceFactory {

    public enum DATABASE_TYPE {     
        DB2T    { "DB2T url"    },  
        DB2Q    { "DB2Q url"    };

        private final String url;     

        DATABASE_TYPE( String _url ){
            this.url = _url;

        public String getUrl() {
            return url;


    public static void main(String[] args) {
        for ( DATABASE_TYPE dt : DATABASE_TYPE.values()){
            System.out.println( dt.getUrl() );


and if i will add the constructor with no arguments then i am getting the error Syntax error on token ""DB2T url"", delete this token.
What is the problem here?

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You've put the constructor arguments in braces, not brackets. So this:

DB2T    { "DB2T url"    },  
DB2Q    { "DB2Q url"    };

should be

DB2T("DB2T url"),  
DB2Q("DB2Q url");

(As a side-note, I'd personally avoid making your type names shouty like that. Typically enum values are shouty, but the names of enums themselves are in PascalCase as normal.)

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Constructor invoking is defined by "()". "{}" is array initializer. So, your invokation should be DB2T("DB2T url"),

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