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I've got an small issue, im trying to make my own forum, but i am stuck at something.

I have 3 tables, 1 users with a user_level (Authentication level).

forum_section wich contains all the sections with a user_level again.

But how can i link forum_section.user_level to forum_topics.user_level.

So if i define: forum_section.user_level = 4 for forum_section.section_id = 1.

For example:

Someones wants to visit the forum_section id 1 then they must have a auth level of 4. And when they go to the topic it then again checks if the user level is 4, but i do not want to manual set the topic level, topic level must always be the same as the section level.

I've googled for this, but i cant really find a good manaul for it. I guess it has something to do with: "foreign keys"?

Okey, let me explain a bit more just to be sure. I have 3 tables

Table User username = Wesley userlevel < for example 4(admin).

Table section section_id = 3 section_name = News section_level = 3

table topics topic_id = 123 topic_name = I like candy topic_level = Needs to be the same as section_level so if i change section_level it automaticly changes this too.

Thanks in advance,


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You should have to manage your database by using master and transaction tables.

Your table format should look like this:

table name: user   

user_id user_name
   1       abc
   2       xyz  
   3       pqr
   4       new  

table2 name : forum_section

forum_id       user_id      forum_name
    1              4          abc
    2              4          jkl 
    3              2          cbd
    4              3          lmn

Now, you can JOIN these two tables and make a query as you want, like this:

SELECT forum_id FROM forum_section as fs,user as u WHERE fs.user_id = u.user_id AND fs.user_id = 4

This may help you. Please write if you need more help!

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Thanks for your help guys. – Wesley Dec 7 '10 at 11:52
welcome dude... – Chandresh Dec 7 '10 at 12:47

You need to either use a SQL JOIN or a NESTED SUB QUERY

The simplest implementation would be to initially establish the users access level, then filter subsequent queries based on this- so in your PHP, pass the access level to subsequent requests for content- if the query returns anything, the user can view the content, if not- they can be redirected.

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