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My question is quiet simple, I have a class in my app model that inherits from models.Model. I'm overriding the clean_fields method of the django-admin, in order to execute some custom validation to my form. The problem is that when it raises a ValidationError from my custom validation, if the user tries to submit the form again with the correct information, it always keeps the data from the previous submit.

class SignedOffModelValidation(models.Model):
    class Meta:
        abstract = True

    def clean_fields(self, exclude = None):
        super(SignedOffModelValidation, self).clean_fields(exclude)

        errors = {}
        if getattr(self, self._meta.immutable_sign_off_field, False):
            relation_fields = [
                f for f in self._meta.fields
                if isinstance(f,(models.ForeignKey,models.ManyToManyField,))
                and not f.name.endswith('_ptr')

            for field in relation_fields:
                    field_value = getattr(self, field.name)
                    signed_off = getattr(
                except (AttributeError, ObjectDoesNotExist,):
                    if not signed_off:
                        msg = u'In order to signeoff, %s needs to be Signed Off' % \
                        errors[field.name] = ([msg])
            if errors:
                raise ValidationError(errors)

Any help would be appreciated!

Best Regards

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I have a hunch that your problem is associated with the view/form that is manipulating this model. Any chance you can post that? – leech Sep 23 '11 at 1:12

You should use the clean() method rather than clean_fields(). This is pretty clear in the Django documentation.

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