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I have 1000 users that i will be retrieving from Twitter, and I would like to save them at one shot, as opposed to doing 1000 insertions individually.

How can I do this on Mongoid? Something like this would rock:

TwitterUser.createMany([{:name=>u1}, {:name=>u2},{:name=>u3}] )
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Just wondering, why do you have to do this "in one shot" ? –  Justin Jenkins Dec 7 '10 at 22:33
it is a user facing feature. the user would be waiting while i do this ;) I tink i can cache enough data to make the twitter part work fast enough –  ming yeow Dec 8 '10 at 10:41

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You should use the Mongo ruby driver to do this. You can pass an array of hashes to the insert method to create multiple documents at once (more info on this google groups discussion). Mongoid makes it easy to access the ruby driver.

The code would look something like this:

user_list = twitter_accounts.map do |account|
  # create a hash of all the fields to be stored in each document
  { 'name' => account.name, 
    'username' => account.username 
    # some other fields...

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this answers it well. Thank you! –  ming yeow Dec 8 '10 at 10:42
Cool. The Mongo ruby driver is very cool and Mongoid makes it very easy to access it. Don't be afraid to use the ruby driver and raw MongoDB queries. –  bowsersenior Dec 8 '10 at 16:46
yes, trying to get to that level of competency. as with any new tech, needs quite a bit of handholding at the start –  ming yeow Dec 9 '10 at 4:13

Just use MongoidModel.create directly.

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