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Does anybody know of a Windows tool to report fake dates/times to a process?

Apparently there are Linux programs that can be used to test how the software will react in the future / in a different timezone or to trigger scheduled tasks without actually modifying the system clock. Are there such programs for Windows?

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RunAsDate can do this.

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Awesome, thanks. Though it doesn't seem to affect the grand-child processes that the initial process might start, it is better than nothing. – Ishmaeel Jan 13 '09 at 1:14

Starting about 2 years ago, I always abstract the call to DateTime.Now (C#) through a Utility class. This way I can always fake the date/time if I want to, or just pass it directly through to DateTime.Now.

Sounds similiar to what BillH suggested.

public class MyUtil
  public static DateTime GetDateTime()
     return DateTime.Now.AddHours(5);
     //return DateTime.Now;   
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Wrapper your calls to the 'getCurrentDateTime()' system calls so you can introduce offsets or multipliers into the times your code reads during testing?

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