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I use Rails 3 with i18n translations in the db

   create_table :translations do |t|
     t.string :locale
     t.string :key
     t.text   :value
     t.text   :interpolations
     t.boolean :is_proc, :default => false

Is there a way to synchronize the development with the production db? or a webgui to import/export/edit the keys?

-- I meant something like http://drupal-translation.com/content/how-translate-interface-strings Maybe It could be a rack gem with import/export/merge of yml files

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HAve you tried writing a script to essentially do an export from one database to the other database? If you're not using foreign keys, doing this type of import/export might be trivial for what you want it to do. –  MunkiPhD Dec 7 '10 at 12:25

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Your looking for a database GUI.

I'm not sure that's what you are looking for, and if the best solution with Rails. But these tools will help you manage your database.

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I'm not totally sure what you are looking for but regarding importing/eporting yml files, there's a service called GetLocalization.com that allows you to do that so that they are easily editable by translators. There is also an In-page editor that allows you to edit strings on the web service itself.

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You could export your records to YAML and then load them. Other option, if you are using the same type of database is to use the provided import/export mechanism (dump).

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We have built a service that focuses on exactly that issue: PhraseApp.

It works excellent with Rails and allows you to edit/manage your translations within a browser interface.

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