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Quick scenario:

@employment = Employment.new
@company.employments << @employment
@person.employments << @employment

Here @employment is referenced in @company and @person, in different steps. Because of that @employment is saved 2 times.

But I have to do something if @employment is new record only. But because it is saved 2 times, @employment.new_record? returns false in 2nd referencing.(i.e while referenced_in @person)

So can't @employment can be referenced in both @company and @person in one step?

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This is a classical has_many :through association covered in the Rails Guide. There's a railscast available as well. The reference from Company and Person to employment should be the other way around.

Person n<->1 Employment 1<->n Company
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It is really not a good idea to try and replicate has_many :through with Mongoid. The code will get very messy and you'll have all kinds of bugs.

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