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here is it: http://www.exhibitiondesign.com/include/jquery/jquery.banner.1.0.html

i'd say im nearly there, the flickering is the main issue - and i know the problem is the fades are being triggered whenever links are being hovered on/off. i just dont know how to implement either a visibility check, or another way of creating the same effect. i also have some flawed logic on the services: design > content hovering, 'design' should remain for both the services children. at the end of it all, i want to encapsulate the entire thing into a .js, the html code too with document.write. any help would be appreciated, i'm no coder, and js i've only been looking at for a few weeks so i'd need lamens terms. here is the relevant css, html and js:

    #banner{width:100%; height:40px; background:#000;}
    #banner ul{width:1024px; margin:auto; padding:0; list-style:none;}
    #banner ul li{height:16px; margin:10px 40px 0 0; float:left;}
    #banner ul li a{font-size:9pt; color:#FFF; text-decoration:none;}
    .companyname{font-size:16pt; color:#FFF; width:220px; margin:7px 0; float:right;}

<div id="banner">
   <li class="line1a">
    <a href="/home/home.html">HOME</a>
   <li class="line1b">
    <a href="/profile/profile.html">PROFILE</a>
    <div class="line2b">
     <a href="/press/press.html">PRESS</a>
   <li class="line1c">
    <a href="/client_directory/client_directory.html">CLIENT DIRECTORY</a>
    <div class="line2c">
     <a href="/testimonials/testimonials.html">TESTIMONIALS</a>
   <li class="line1d">
    <a href="/projects/projects.html">PROJECTS</a>
   <li class="line1e" style="width:60px;">
    <a href="/services/design.html" class="swap" style="cursor:pointer;">SERVICES</a>
    <div class="line2e">
     <a href="/services/content.html">CONTENT</a>
   <li class="line1f" style="width:60px;">
    <a href="/contact/contact.html">CONTACT</a>
    <div class="line2f">
     <a href="/recruitment/recruitment.html">RECRUITMENT</a>
   <div class="companyname">


 //remove outline from links

 //swap services text

 //when mouse is on banner
  $("#banner").stop(true, false).animate({height:'50px'},{queue:false, duration:200, easing: 'easeInQuad'});
  $(".line1a").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)
  $(".line1b").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)
  $(".line1c").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)
  $(".line1d").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)
  $(".line1e").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)
  $(".line1f").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)

 //when mouse is off banner
  $("#banner").stop(true, true).animate({height:'40px'},{queue:false, duration:200, easing: 'easeInQuad'});
  $(".line1a").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)
  $(".line1b").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)
  $(".line1c").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)
  $(".line1d").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)
  $(".line1e").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)
  $(".line1f").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)

 //when mouse is on line1
  $(".line2a").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)
  $(".line2b").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)
  $(".line2c").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)
  $(".line2d").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)
  $(".line2e").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)
  $(".line2f").stop(true, true).fadeIn(400)

 //when mouse is off line1
  $(".line2a").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)
  $(".line2b").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)
  $(".line2c").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)
  $(".line2d").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)
  $(".line2e").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)
  $(".line2f").stop(true, true).fadeOut(400)

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Let's take it step by step, first the swap issue. If you want the text to remain when hovering children too, put it on the parent <li> instead of the <a>, like this:

<li class="line1e swap" style="width:60px;">
 <a href="/services/design.html" style="cursor:pointer;">SERVICES</a>
 <div class="line2e">
  <a href="/services/content.html">CONTENT</a>

Then jQuery hovers to match, like this:

}, function(){

For all the other issues, it's because mouseover and mouseout fire when entering children, you're seeing the most common side-effect, flickering with animations. Instead, use mouseenter and mouseleave...or the shortcut, .hover(), like this:

  $("#banner").stop(true, false).animate({height:'50px'},{queue:false, duration:200, easing: 'easeInQuad'});
  $(this).find("> ul > li").stop(true, true).fadeIn();
},  function(){
  $("#banner").stop(true, true).animate({height:'40px'},{queue:false, duration:200, easing: 'easeInQuad'});
  $(this).find("> ul > li").stop(true, true).fadeOut();

$("#banner > ul > li").hover(function() {
}, function() {

You can test the result out here. Also note that through the use of selectors relative to this, you can avoid all that duplicate code and slim your handlers way down. You can also remove all those .lineXX classes unless they're needed for something else.

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wow nick, thank you so much its perfect. that jsfiddle is also very neat, i shall be using that in the future. –  johnline Dec 7 '10 at 12:20
maybe in the future i can reimburse you by trying to help some others in here; css and html nothing else :{> –  johnline Dec 7 '10 at 12:29

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