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I have this function:

public static function getOrdini($sort_order = 4)

    $con = Propel::getConnection();
    $sql = "select * from shop_orders LEFT JOIN shop_orders_total
            shop_orders.orders_id = shop_orders_total.orders_id
            shop_orders_total.sort_order = :sort_order";
    $stmt = $con->prepare($sql);

    $result = $stmt->execute(array(':sort_order' => $sort_order));
    $ordini = self::populateObjects($stmt);

    return $ordini;


When I call it I get this error:

( ! ) Catchable fatal error: Object of class Criteria could not be converted to string in /home/javier/Aptana_Studio_Workspace/dev_repo/lib/vendor/symfony/lib/plugins/sfPropelPlugin/lib/vendor/propel/util/DebugPDOStatement.php on line 99

but if write the function in this way below I don't get any error:

public static function getOrdini()
    $sort_order = 4;            
    $con = Propel::getConnection();

Any idea?



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No bug in the above code it is okay. I tried passing value in the static method and it is fine the error is being generated from the other part of your code checking in the class Criteria would help you here is nothing in the posted.

Ask to propel, symfony. here someone is facing the same problem http://symfonyexperts.com/question/show/id/51

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