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Is there a extjs based datetimepicker?

I want user can select date and time together.

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Unfortunately there is not a DateTimePicker out of the box, but there are two separate components named TimeField and DateField that can be used in conjunction to get the functionality you desire.

If you'd rather use Saki's DateTime user extension, take a look at DateTime Field. The class comments describe DateTime as "[a] combination of DateField and TimeField", so nothing too crazy is going on if you'd like to create your own unique version.

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Check out Saki's DateTimeField: at

"Combined Date and Time Field for applications where entering both date and time is required. Suitable also as Grid Editor. Contains renderer directly usable by grids."

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There's also this one, works in ExtJS 4.1, but uses number spinners for selecting time, can be reworked relatively easily to use the built-in time picker.

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