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i want to know how can i extract images from a video using JMF.

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Please see this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/402459/… –  Richard H Dec 7 '10 at 12:53

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Player player = Manager.createRealizedPlayer(cdi.getLocator());
FrameGrabbingControl frameGrabber = (FrameGrabbingControl) player.getControl("javax.media.control.FrameGrabbingControl");


private Image grab() {
Buffer buf = frameGrabber.grabFrame();
// Convert frame to an buffered image so it can be processed and saved
Image img = (new BufferToImage((VideoFormat) buf.getFormat()).createImage(buf));
    return img;

for more info see complete example: http://www.comp.rgu.ac.uk/staff/fh/CM4062/mis/jmf/FrameGrab.html

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what is cdi variable? complete example is not more available... –  Matt Oct 13 '13 at 12:55

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