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How can I access <input type="hidden"> tag's value attribute using jQuery?

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You can access hidden fields' values with val(), just like you can do on any other input element:

<input type="hidden" id="foo" name="zyx" value="bar" />


Those all mean the same thing in this example.

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alert($('input[type=hidden]#foo').val()); This finds the hidden variable with id foo . This search is more specific. – Mohammed Rafeeq Mar 7 '14 at 12:40
@MohammedRafeeq alert($('#foo').val()); Is just as specific. Because an id is unique in the DOM. Therefor it will always find just one element if the html follows the standards. Unless you use the statement to check if the element is hidden or not. – Edwin Stoteler Apr 29 '15 at 9:21
what is faster ? $('#foo') or $('input:hidden#foo') ? i suspect the second since more search info given but not sure how it's implemented, so don't know if my feeling is correct. EDIT: ok i have my answer thanks to Abel comment,id only, ie #foo is faster. – comte Nov 29 '15 at 14:03

There's a jQuery selector for that:

// Get all form fields that are hidden
var hidden_fields = $( this ).find( 'input:hidden' );

// Filter those which have a specific type
hidden_fields.attr( 'text' );

Will give you all hidden input fields and filter by those with a specific type="".

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If you want to select an individual hidden field, you can select it through the different selectors of jQuery :

<input type="hidden" id="hiddenField" name="hiddenField" class="hiddenField"/> 

$("#hiddenField").val(); //by id
$("[name='hiddenField']").val(); // by name
$(".hiddenField").val(); // by class
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Input hidden does not have a style class property – Philip Puthenvila Sep 28 '15 at 6:23

There is nothing special about <input type="hidden">:

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To get value, use:

        var valueOfHidFiled=$(this).val();


var valueOfHidFiled=$('input[type=hidden]').val();

To set value, use:

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If you have an HiddenField you need to:

To access HiddenField Value:

$('#<%=HF.ClientID%>').val()  // HF = your hiddenfield ID

To set HiddenFieldValue

$('#<%=HF.ClientID%>').val('some value')   // HF = your hiddenfield ID
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