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I want the PHP equivalent of the solution given in assigning value to shell variable using a function return value from Python

In my php file, I read some constant values like this:-

$neededConstants = array("BASE_PATH","db_host","db_name","db_user","db_pass");
foreach($neededConstants as $each)
     print constant($each);

And in my shell script I have this code so far:-

function getConfigVals()

 php $PWD'/developer.php'

    //How to collect the constant values here??
 #echo "done  -  "$PWD'/admin_back/developer/developer.php'

cd ..
cd developer

# func1 parameters: a b

I am able to execute the file through shell correctly.

To read further on what I am trying to do please check Cleanest way to read config settings from PHP file and upload entire project code using shell script


Corrected configs=getConfigVals replaced with getConfigVals


As answered by Fritschy, it works with this modification:-

PHP code -

function getConfigVals()
    php $PWD'/developer.php'
    #return $collected
    #echo "done  -  "$PWD'/admin_back/developer/developer.php'

shell code -

echo $result
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You have to execute the function and assign what is printed to that variable:


See the manpage of that shell on expansion for more ;)

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Thanks that works. But I still have to explode the result. Is there any single step to initiate many variables in my shell script? I want to initiate exactly those constants (variables in shell script) (as many constants in my php file -> those many variables with same values in my shell script) –  Sandeepan Nath Dec 7 '10 at 12:54

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