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i need to get 3 views for an iphone App. Each view should contain several icons . when i swipe the first view it should take me to the second view(which also has several icons). see the below image to get an idea. alt text

at the bottom it has 3 dots which tells the user that there are 3 screens to swipe. what is this called. This is just like the our normal apps in the iphone. when i swipe it should take me to the next screen with different icons.

i was not able to figure out what kind of view controller it is and how to implement it. i just need some idea.

Thank you.

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Can be pretty simply done by Interface Builder.

  1. Create 3 Views

  2. The Icons can be implemented by Round Rect Buttons

  3. The "Dots" are a "Page Control"

  4. Set the IBOutlets and delegates and you are done

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First, read the iOS Human Interface Guidelines

The 3 dots are UIPageControl
Icon grid is not in standard control... You can see the three20 project to do this (but before using a 3rd part resource, try to do manually)

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