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I want to check the text content of two PDF file in C#.

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Compare them how? To see they are identical? To find out the differences? Something else? – Oded Dec 7 '10 at 13:50
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If they are identical you can do a binary comparison. If for contextual comparison you probably need a PDF library. Here are some libraries.

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Not going to be easy, but I guess first step would be to get a decent PDF library that can extract the text from PDFs. One I've used is ITextSharp available from (open-source). Then try a diff library, such as DIffer: a reusable C# diffing utility and class library. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: I work for Atalasoft.

Atalasoft's DotImage SDK can be used to extract the text from PDFs in C#. If the PDFs are already searchable you can easily get to the text:

public String GetText(Stream s, int pageNum, int charIndex, int count)
   using (PdfTextDocument doc = new PdfTextDocument(s))
       PdfTextPage textPage = doc.GetPage(pageNum);                    
       return textPage.GetText(charIndex, count);

Otherwise, you could use the OCR tools to detect the text on the image.

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It's been awhile, but this function worked for me (but no guarantees... I don't remember if I tried it on PDF's with embedded images or anything). There is a GUID or some sort of ID embedded in the file, you just need to remove that and compare everything else. Here's the code:

    static bool ComparePDFs(string file1, string file2)
        if (!File.Exists(file2))
            return false;

        int i;
        string f1 = File.ReadAllText(file1);
        string f2 = File.ReadAllText(file2);

        if (f1.Length != f2.Length)
            return false;

        // Remove PDF ID from file1
        i = f1.LastIndexOf("/ID [<");
        if (i < 0)
            Console.WriteLine("Error: File is not a valid PDF file: " + file1);
            f1 = f1.Substring(0, i) + f1.Substring(i + 75);

        // Remove PDF ID from file2
        i = f2.LastIndexOf("/ID [<");
        if (i < 0)
            Console.WriteLine("Error: File is not a valid PDF file: " + file2);
            f2 = f2.Substring(0, i) + f2.Substring(i + 75);

        return f1 == f2;
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