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Consider the following Flex code:

private function fullScreenHandler(evt:FullScreenEvent):void {
  if (evt.fullScreen) {
    viewstack.selectedIndex = 2;
    objectInViewStack2.width = [code to detect width when in full screen mode];
    objectInViewStack2.height = [code to detect height when in full screen mode];
  } else {
     viewstack.selectedIndex = 1;

I have a viewstack with two containing canvases. Canvas 1 is used when in normal mode and canvas 2 which is used when in full screen mode.

To properly resize the objectInViewStack2 I need to know how large the screen is when in full screen mode.

What is the proper way to solve the given problem?

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Use the Capabilities class.

Specifically I would recommend looking at screenResolutionY and screenResolutionX.

However, you may also consider sizing your child elements in updateDisplayList(), which will always give you the the height and width of your container, which I suspect is more important for sizing purposes than the screen resolution.

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