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We use MKS for source control at my work. Is there an equivilant to the svn:ignore flag from subversion?

Essentially, I'd like a way to tell MKS to ignore a folder / file for changes. (Ie., our compiler output folders, etc).

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You can set global ignore filters by opening the following menu:

File->Edit Preferences...

and then selecting:

Configuration Management->Views->Non-Members View

An alternative is to select:

Sandbox->Views->View Non-Members

and then right-click a file and Exclude by [Name|Extension]

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This is only filtering the Non-members View. See http://communities.ptc.com/message/227385#227385 for another answer. In short have a look to the Scoped Sandbox feature.

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This works much better, though it has to be noted that if there are deferred/pending operations in the folder that's declared "out of scope", the folder won't be filtered out of the view until after those operations have been dealt with. –  FrustratedWithFormsDesigner Jan 20 at 23:33

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