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I am looking for a good paid/free web scraping library with .NET support which has decent support for JavaScript processing and offers very good performance.

It should have its own browser engine and hopefully its own JS compiler as well.

If the product has been solely developed for web scraping, it will be a huge plus for us.

I have tried Watin and Selenium, but both of them pop up the browser window which we don't want. I want a silent application with no browser windows popping up.

Need some help from experts and valuable suggestions here.

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Try This May be this Will Help You



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http://arachnode.net can help with this.

It uses mshtml.dll which is one step below AxShDocVw.dll, which powers the WebBrowser control.

It's approximately 10 times faster per thread (than using the .NET control) and runs out of process so you can download/render more than two pages at a time.

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svn.arachnode.net/svn/arachnodenet/trunk/Renderer Username/Password: Public/Public Remove the references to arachnode.net and you'll have a headless Javascript parser for Html use and beyond. Flip a bool and you'll have a head(more?) implementation. –  arachnode.net Mar 14 '13 at 23:03

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