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given the code snippet (please do not ask why I construct it this way...)

...some more Logic...
def blaParam = ['checkinable':checkinable]
def blaQuery = " AND c.product = :checkinable"
...some more Logic...


def paramBox = [] + blaParam
def queryBox = "" + blaQuery
def c = Bla.executeQuery("FROM Bla b WHERE 1 = 1 "+queryBox+" ", paramBox, [max:params.max])

I end up with a message

errors.GrailsExceptionResolver Remember that ordinal parameters are 1-based!

How do I prevent this?

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Merging the two last parameter maps worked for me:

Bla.executeQuery("FROM Bla b WHERE 1 = 1 "+queryBox+" ", paramBox + [max:params.max])
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if I change

def paramBox = [] + blaParam


def paramBox = [:] + blaParam

it is working

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Wow, what an obscure diagnostic for a type error. – Victor Sergienko Dec 7 '10 at 15:44

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