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Here is the code.

function product_analysis_global() {

    $(':checkbox:checked').each(function() {
    $('#product_' + this.alt).load(this.title);
    $('#product_quantity_PRI_' + this.alt).value = this.value;

All working except the last line that is not working, any ideas. Should return the value of the current checkbox to the appropriate field '#product_quantity_PRI_' + this.alt

Many Thanks.

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2 Answers

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.value isn't a jQuery object property (it's a DOM object one), it should be .val() like this:

$('#product_quantity_PRI_' + this.alt).val(this.value);

Or (more for illustration), the direct jQuery-less DOM method:

document.getElementById('product_quantity_PRI_' + this.alt).value = this.value;
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marvellous thanks –  Robin Knight Dec 7 '10 at 15:36
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Use the val() function.

var $this = $(this)
$('#product_quantity_PRI_' + $this.attr('alt')).val($this.val());
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Just because you can use an abstraction doesn't mean you should...these are basic DOM properties, why not fetch them that way? It's less expensive as well :) –  Nick Craver Dec 7 '10 at 15:40
You are right - I would in my code. But this is the very thing Robin Knight is confused on. So for consistency I use val() in all cases in this answer. –  Josiah Ruddell Dec 7 '10 at 15:43
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