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I'm trying to install NERDTree (the Vim plugin) on Windows 7. I created a .vim directory on my user folder (C:/Users/Username) and extracted the plugin there. I've run :helptags ~.vim\doc and :helptags [full-path]. Closed and reopened Vim.

But when I try:


the editor says:

E492: Not an editor command: NERDTree

How should I do it?

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Windows doesn't use the '.vim' style directories. Instead you should put addons in directory structure branching off a vimfiles directory at one of two places:



c:\program files (x86)\vim\vimfiles\

For a little more help you can do :h runtimepath, and you could even modify runtimepath to make it work with your .vim directory, but safest route is just to go with the default vimfiles name oon Windows.

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try extracting the file to vimfiles instead of .vim

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I just installed the NERDTree plugin on my windows gvim 7.4. I want to correct Herbert Sitz's answer.

You should put your unziped files to c:\program files (x86)\vim\vim74 directory rather than the c:\program files (x86)\vim\vimfiles directory.

In this case ,the plugin will work and you can call :NERDTree

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No! This is inside Vim's installation, and is reserved for scripts that ship with Vim. Don't put stuff in here, as it will be overwritten / lost on updates to Vim. See stackoverflow.com/a/23671113/813602 for an explanation. –  Ingo Karkat May 15 at 6:49
Thank you!Then why can't the NERDTree take effect in the \vim\vimfiles directory? –  Rui May 15 at 13:20
That depends on your particular 'runtimepath' option. In general, you only have c:\program files (x86)\vim\vim74\vimfiles there. –  Ingo Karkat May 15 at 13:37

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