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I want to run some KRL rules when a website is updated. The deploy script will get the following URL after pushing the updates:

The ruleset to handle this webhook starts out like this:

rule site_updated {
    select when webhook updated
    pre {
        site = event:param("site");
        version = event:param("version");
    // do something with site and version

From I could make more specific rules with:

select when webhook updated site "test"
    or webhook updated site "production"

Is there a way to get both parameters without a PRE block? What is the best way to use SELECT with a webhook?

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Your /update in the URL and the select when webhook updated don't match, but I think you intended them to. – TelegramSam Dec 7 '10 at 23:55
Oh, right. Edited. – Randall Bohn Dec 8 '10 at 0:45
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Rule filters (like site "test") are regular expressions, and you can set variables using the setting () clause.

select when webhook update site "(.*)" setting(site)

causes site to be set to production without using a pre block. As this is a regular expression, you can match anything, like either of two options:

select when webhook update site "(test|production)" setting(site)

will only match with site == test or site == production, and no other times, AND store the value in the site variable in the context of the rule.

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