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I want to use Javascript to loop through a set of elements, and create a list of labels for each one, so if the set of elements were as follows:

<p>Paragraph of text...</p>

It would give me the following:


Is it possible for jQuery/Javascript to return an element's type as a string, and if so how would I go about it?

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possible duplicate… – Jeremy B. Dec 7 '10 at 15:55
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This is far from the cleanest piece of code I've ever done, but it works:

function generateList(rootElement) {
    var rootElementItem = $("<li>" + rootElement.get(0).tagName + "</li>");

    if (rootElement.children().size() > 0) {
        var list = $("<ol />");
        rootElement.children().each(function() {


    return rootElementItem;

var listOfElements = generateList($("body"));


It builds upon the this.tagName answer that was previously given, but it checks for children also. This way it will build up a hierarchical view of the element given. The method doesn't generate the enclosing <ol/> tag so that it can just be appended to an existing one.

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I hope this simple solution helps:


<p>Paragraph of text...</p>


    $('body *').each(function(){
        // append a 'ol' to body in order to output all tag names

        // output the name of the tag (list item)
        $('ol').append('<li>' + this.tagName.toLowerCase() + '</li>');

This works assuming you have a properly formed HTML document with a body tag.

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$('<ol />').append(function(index, html){

    var ret = $('<span />');
    $('body>*').each(function(i, el) {
        ret.append( $('<li />').html(this.tagName.toLowerCase()) );

    return ret.html();

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