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GPL licensed frameworks on ecommerce websites

I am a bit confused on open source licenses especially those 'hybrid' licenses combination of two known open source licenses (if this sounds right).

If you have a website where you offer paid services are you required to obtain a commercial copy of the 'GPL Licensed Controls' or else you are not allowed to offer such services without redistributing your code. Even though the website project was not made for a client but for the company (to gain income).

What licenses requires you to do so and what licenses gives you freedom to use it on your web services.

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What are "GPL Licensed Controls"? Google doesn't find this. –  chrisaycock Dec 7 '10 at 16:15

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The GPL is about distributing and modifying code - if you are simply using a library (even if you modify it) and not distributing it, your can use it unencumbered.

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I'm afraid that's just one interpretation - just one of the points where the GPL has been criticized for being too vague. Personally, I license my components under LGPL, and have frequently encouraged other developers to consider switching from GPL to LGPL - it's a more liberal license, but enables you to reserve your most essential rights. Just my $.02 –  mindplay.dk Mar 25 '11 at 1:38

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