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I have text and would like to remove last 3 words from every line. How is it possible to do it?

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You're really going to need to be more specific - this question is very vague as it is currently written. Can you at least tag this with the language that you're using? Providing a code sample would be even better. –  eldarerathis Dec 7 '10 at 16:37

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Let's say you have your lines of text in a string, let's say it's in PHP, so it's as if you read in a file with

$lines = file('somefile.txt');

which creates an array of the lines in the file. If you want to re-output all the lines in that file without the last three words, I recommend:

while ($line = array_shift($lines)) { 
  $line = preg_split('/\w+/', $line); 
  array_slice($line, 0, -3);
  echo implode(' ', $line);
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Please reformat your code for readability. Think in the next generations of programmers in need for this snippet :) –  belisarius Dec 7 '10 at 17:05

I think you can:

  1. Do split(" ") on your strings and then combine elements without last

  2. From the end of every string go to beginning, until you find 3 words. Then substring().

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To this very specific description, i can suggest the following methods:

  1. place your cursor at the end of the first line
  2. press backspace until the last 3 words deleted
  3. place your cursor at the end of the second line
  4. press... so on.
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or iterate through every line and define what is a word, then remove the last 3 from every line. –  Peter Porfy Dec 7 '10 at 16:44
Or hire someone to do this for you. –  S.Lott Dec 7 '10 at 16:45
You could also record a macr... forget it. –  belisarius Dec 7 '10 at 16:48
@belisarius: Notepad doesn't have those macros ;-) –  darioo Dec 7 '10 at 16:58
@belisarius: staog.com/media/0010_en_vi-vs-emacs.png –  darioo Dec 7 '10 at 17:10

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